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AI Insights

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"As a firm believer in the power of AI, I'm excited to usher in the future of Sales with Refresh"

Jeff Serlin

VP Sales Operations

"Refresh helps us scale sales by identifying winning behaviors and making sure we repeat them in every deal."

Brian McDowell

VP Sales

How will we run Sales differently in the age of AI?

Great Salespeople guide every buyer through the personalized experience they need.

Sales teams need AI to scale the behavior of these top reps. That's why we're building Refresh.

Auto-Pilot for CRM

Spotty CRM data? You're not alone. Refresh discovers missing contacts and activities, then logs them to your CRM automatically.

Real Time Insights

Refresh creates a summary of every deal, showing key insights based on your specific buying process.

Reps and Managers can see where each deal stands at a glance. Everyone walks into 1:1s knowing exactly which questions to ask.

Buyer Journey Optimization

Refresh lets Sales Leaders discover insights CRM can't deliver. This goes way beyond deal stages and activity counts. 

Our AI platform maps out the specific milestones and personas that matter for your unique buying process.

Predictable Revenue

Refresh doesn't just provide a simplistic number or score. We help reps understand their own deals better, identifying risks from day one.

This approach builds confidence in the forecast, and reinforces best practices with every rep.

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